Next Gen QA Automation platform

Making QA automation accessible to the world

Qaviton is a high-impact, easy-to-use platform for automation testing that use machine learning, to speed-up the authoring, execution , and maintenance of automated tests. The platform based on Selenium and Appium and allows you to automate the manual testing process, reduce costs, improve product quality, and speed up the delivery 

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Test Faster. Release Faster.

Automate your manual software testing with our codeless platform and create your high quality software faster than ever you’ve done before. QAviton is the only tool you’ll ever need for QA. Run tests today , from anywhere, with any device you have. 


Deliver faster

QAviton has an excellent User experience,  easy-to-use, which everyone in your team can use without prior knowledge

Be efficent

QAviton provides all kind of QA tests, cross-browsing, tracking & monitoring of bugs, open tests and etc’

More Quality

Our infrastructure is an open source automation infrastructure based on selenium and Appium.

Make your job easier with QAviton

Today, for develop a new application, we need to spend big amount of resources: Money, Manpower , equipments.
Companies release their products slowly , If you want to release it faster, the “stable” release, isn’t stable enough for the market.
with Qaviton you can save up to 90% from release time, save Manpower and money, and you can release your product faster, much faster with a real Stable product!

One Tool to test them all

With our unique core technology that automates test-creation QAviton will be the only testing tool you’ll ever need


Qaviton supports all kind of browsing, with all versions. for example: Firefox, Chrome, IE , Safari etc'

cross-device testing

runs on any device: Laptops, Phones, Desktops, Tablets, Mac etc' with remote access to all operating systems

smart issue tracking​

keep track (open/track/close/reopen) of defects and manage them as part of its running automation.

model based API automation

API modeling for testing purposes is also done automatically for framework and infrastructure.

exploratory testing automation

a complete automation to exploratory testing approach will save time and effort and simulate many testers at once.

model based GUI automation

Page modeling is done automatically for framework & infrastructure. Making GUI dependent tests development faster

test coverage planner

create a custom testing coverage plan, depending on the various parameters based upon the product’s requirement

tests statistics analysis

provide graphically comprehensive performance status report based on tests performance .

automated detailed log

tests reports: test failures bugs or broken tests, logs, steps, fixtures, attachments, timings, history and integrations


integration with all CI/CD tools and collaborations

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